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I like the flexibility to alter the eyebrows, lips, skin colors, hair shades as well as haircut regularly. It's enjoyable to transform hair color for motion pictures. I actually have tons of clothes ideas! The game is addictive and is geared towards older teens to grownups. I wish you might have unrestricted good friends.

However the concerns are that every little thing prices gems! And It's not like u give individuals gems all the time.I mean, yeah u can play a tiny game for one or two treasures however you can not also acquire a pair of heels for much less than 25 gems! So I would actually like if u could offer a lot more treasures or just don't make everything expense treasures. I do assume the film store needs extra clothing.

I genuinely enjoy playing this game, nevertheless my biggest concern is the diamonds. It is a fun game however I'm distressed due to the fact that the game keeps collapsing on me as well as I can't actually play the game anymore. It collapses whenever I most likely to a new motion picture collection or hop on the cover of a publication and currently it collapses every single time I open up the app it is dreadful. I've start to be obsessed with this app!!

And also I'm sure no utilizing my difficult very own money to pay for treasures like that! If this game maintains having these problems I'm going to remove it since I just can not deal with this anymore.

Additionally an idea for an enhancement to the game might be a spa for gaining power. To unlock the day spa could take money or completing tasks Just a thought. I presume the game manufacturers obtained what they desired money.

Review: Stuntwomen: The Unknown Hollywood Story

I have actually tried other games similar to this as well as this has the very best format. I enjoy this game, however, occasionally the game ices up on me after I have actually purchased an item, it take the cash or gems, after that kicked me out of the game. I'll log back in and also the money or treasures will be gone and also I still have not gotten the item.

  • Other than that I actually enjoy playing the game.
  • I do not like that the majority of the clothes options just cost diamonds when they takes to long to get.
  • I assume that the garments should have the ability to be bought utilizing money rather than diamonds as well as the costs might be a little reduced.
  • However there are a couple points I don't like.

I figure it's just a problem as well as I'll receive my item later on, and also still haven't gotten anything. I invested 230 gems on a dress as well as still haven't received it. The money that us players need to pay of our very own pockets just to complete goals is ridiculous. Whatever costs treasures or loads as well as lots of money. Can't you people make it more affordable or a minimum of make it less complicated to get gems or money?

I'm currently dealing with the estate and also it's super tough to obtain viewing as we just make 2k if that every goal or anywhere from 2-5 treasures at a time. How are we supposed to play with out clearing our very own pockets !?!?! Please deal with or I'll remove the game and also not make very good evaluations on this game or any type of others that y' all might be sustaining. I enjoy getting away fact below however virtually whatever prices diamonds. There could be some changes on that particular for the benefit of your consumers.

Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story

Regretfully, after a while, I consumed all of my diamonds. A lot of the garments that I like price diamonds. Additionally, I run out of energy also promptly.


The game is still truly enjoyable, however I would certainly appreciate it if there were even more methods to get even more diamonds. The game is really enjoyable to play yet the things whatever expenses diamonds. Additionally, the power goes truly swiftly and afterwards you have nothing to do up until it's all filled up. Other then that I actually enjoy the game however I just want every little thing didn't set you back diamonds.